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Japanese Sake creates a different flavor depending on not only its ingredient, but also on water quality, temperature, and the skill of the brewer. The difference between sweetness and dryness of taste is not as obvious as wine, but the more you compare by tasting, the more difference you will notice.

Our company has been producing Sake in a storehouse which is more than 100years old, and using no air conditioning, the given conditions for brewing are just as same as the old ages. Also, we use the traditional equipments that have been passed down, and brew our sake by experience and skill of our brewer.

Since Tenpo 13

gJUKICHIh of gSHINSHYUYAh was granted permission for sake brewing in Tenpo 13 (1842^last years of Edo period). This was the beginning of HASEGAWA SUZO. Ever since then, we have been making SAKE for over 170 years at the same place by the traditional handmade style. We bring you our sake from the brewery that embraces the spirits of our forefathers.


By using only "Yamada-nishiki" rice, ideal for sake brewing, and polishing it to 40%, fermenting it in a cold low temperature, this is a Daiginjo made with grate care.

A traditional handmade Junmai Daiginjo. Sake that exhibits the skill of the brewer of Niigata (Echigo Toji).

A fruity aroma spreads inside your mouth with a refreshing taste when you take a sip. Quality sake brewed from the finest rice.

Made by highly polishing the locally grown Gohyakuman-goku rices. Sake that shows full and rich taste whilemaintaining the dryness.

While tasting the distinctive deep flavor of pure rice sake, you can also enjoy the expanding mildness.
This bland is used from over 100 years.It means gthe sunrise on New Year's Dayh, so auspicious name.